Pastor’s Pen June 2017


We will have our VBS July 16-19 from 6:00- 8:00. Pastor Vernon and the folks from Broadview West will be helping us again. We appreciate so very much the help that they give us. Make plans to be here. Be praying for us as we prepare for this special time. We will have some flyers made up for you to pass out to family, friends, and neighbors.


We had a special time on Mother’s Day. It was great to see so many mothers and their families in our service. We had about 70 in our worship service. Freida was our oldest mother present. She is 93 and is so faithful and drives herself to church. Sarah was our youngest mother present at 30. We appreciate the good work that she does with our children on Wednesday night. Thanks to all of our mothers for your faithfulness. It is a joy to serve as your pastor.


Father’s Day is on June 18th. This day kind of takes a back seat to Mother’s Day. Let’s make this a special day. We will recognize all of our fathers and father figures. We will also give a gift to our oldest and youngest father and also a gift to all of our men and young men. June is a special time with Father’s Day, and it is also the month when my mother and father were married in 1937 on June 30th. I thank God for the influence which my father and mother had on me, and also for  the positive influence of numerous uncles, cousins, teachers, and friends.

In Christ,

Bro. Jimmy


P.S. We want to thank our Lord for the wonderful rains which we have received recently, and for protection from the storms. We hope to see each of you in Sunday School and worship on Sunday. I know that some will be taking trips and vacations this summer, but don’t take a vacation from God. He never takes a vacation from us. I hope that you will be faithful in your church attendance this summer.


Summer Days (A Time of Forgetting)

by Deborah Smith Plemmons

Oh, those busy summer days;

People seem to be busy always.

There are those who go to the pool;

Just a few hours to keep cool.

Some take off to the lake;

Catching fish is a piece of cake.

Many people go on vacation;

A time for fun and relaxation.

Money is spent on this or that;

For kid’s toys or Mom’s new hat.

Come Sunday, many seem to forget;

And do things they’ll later regret.

You’re on vacation, God will understand;

Going to church, you hadn’t planned.

God is the creator of it all;

Winter, spring, summer, and fall.

Give God the glory that is due;

He never forgets about you.


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