The Nursery

We attempt to make childcare as friendly as possible for parents.  A changing table and “cry room” are available for use during worship services at the back of the sanctuary.  Highchairs are kept in fellowship hall.  And of course, volunteers will be happy to tend to the needs of children in the nursery.

There will always be a member ready to help out.

We appreciate our numerous volunteers who care for the children.  Members interested in volunteering should speak to one of the current volunteer staff.



In the preschool Sunday School class we help preschoolers learn about Jesus and God’s Word through stories and activities.

After opening prayer, we have a group time where the children hear a lesson from the Bible. These lessons have been simplified so that the preschool age can comprehend what is being taught.

The children are then invited to create a craft that will reinforce the message of the Bible lesson and help them remember it later.

If there is time left, the children are invited to have free time in the home living center or at the puzzle area.

The children are given a take-home page for their parents and a memory verse for the next week.

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